Meteor Solutions Acquired by Rio SEO

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Today we are announcing the acquisition of Meteor Solutions by Rio SEO, Covario Inc’s business unit focused on technology solutions for earned and owned digital media programs. Needless to say this is a proud moment for the team and we are very excited about the future as part Rio SEO.  The convergence of search and […]


Old but Good, Email is still Relevant for Brands’ Sharing

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An article came across my  inbox the other day from  indicating that e-mail sharing was becoming obsolete: “Email remains a popular way to share news, but for how long?” The claim was that people are using email, ‘less and less to share stuff’. While that may be the case for some Publishers, like Buzzfeed’s […]


Sharing Drives Traffic, Engagement and Revenue – Part VIII

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We’re obsessed with the drivers and impact of sharing here at Meteor Solutions.  Information and entertainment finds us through our friends, colleagues, and the strangers we follow on blogs, message boards, and on services like Twitter, LinkedIn.  This trend is accelerating with the rapid adoption of smartphones.  Everyone is consuming content and connected with their […]


Meteor AJAX Dashboard Enhancements

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You may have noticed some changes in the dashboard over the last few days. We are pleased to announce that we have segmented the calls in the dashboard to improve overall performance. You will notice on pages with multiple data sets, that they load at different rates to improve page load time. We have also […]


Great Discussion of the Social Enterprise

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Joe Doran (@doran_joe) tweeted the link to this discussion between Brian Morrissey and Reggie Bradford, Vitrue CEO. They do a good job in my opinion of providing an overview of the state of social media within the enterprise. We are seeing the same forces and trends at play. Social is extending well beyond marketing across […]

Coming to you Soon – an even faster Dashboard!

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We are pleased to report that Meteor is making improvements to our dashboard – enhancing current functionality and making our dashboard even faster. While we make these important changes, our dashboard and API will be temporarily unavailable starting tonight. Data collection will not be affected. Once the dashboard is back up and running faster than […]

How Brands Use Social Entertainment: Exhibit A

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Yesterday, Ariel Dos Santos (@agds) tweeted the following video: It’s an “ad” for TNT which is a new TV channel in Belgium.   I wrote “ad” because we don’t experience it like an ad.  It’s entertainment.  Not only that, but it’s entertainment that’s finding it’s way around the globe via word of mouth and sharing. […]

SocialTV Drives Advertising Effectiveness

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Last week, we were invited to participate in NBC Universal’s second symposium on SocialTV.  The goal of the event was to provide advertisers with a deeper and more detailed understanding of the opportunities created when the combination of television programs and social media is used to drive deeper engagement with the content and integrated advertising.  We […]

How Social Data Make Your Advertising Work Better

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Let’s not kid ourselves.  With rare exceptions people strongly dislike advertising that interrupts, distracts, and disrupts.  And yet, too many brands and the agencies that serve them persist in the belief that this is the only approach to advertising that works.  In so many cases, Facebook is simply enabling the same approach to advertising within […]