People share more on StumbleUpon than Facebook!

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ReadWriteWeb just recently reported that StumbleUpon has passed Facebook as a top referral site. It passed Twitter about a year ago, so this recent news is not all that surprising. “StumbleUpon’s user experience is fanciful and fun, but its traffic power for publishers is quite serious. While the other social networks make the headlines, StumbleUpon […]

Social Media Revolution

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We’re big fans of Erik Qualman’s Social Media Revolution videos. Qualman, author of Socialnomics recently released the third version of this great video. The most important bit of information here for brands is this fact: 90% of people trust peer recommendations but only 14% trust ads. Take the time to watch the long version.

The Art of Turning “Fans” into “Persuaders”

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iMedia Connection today published an excellent article by Ron Schott of Spring Creek Group on the topic of influencer marketing. You can read the whole article here. Many marketers have an influencer marketing strategy in place but are faced with a new challenge: taking those influencers to the next level and turning them into persuaders. […]

Get Online or Fall Behind

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by Dani Blanchard, Meteor Solutions Intern and UW Student Since the first time I played on a sports team, adults have been screaming at me to “communicate!” Years later, and now off the field, it seems as though the whole world is yelling at me to speak my mind in any form I can, most […]

In Social, Content is the Ad

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By guest editor, Joe Doran, Founder and CEO of Tout, Inc. re-posted from the Tout Blog with permission. See the original blog article here. When I am surfing my favorite social networks, I am consistently amazed by how bad the ads are surrounding the social experience.  Maybe you go through banner blindness and tune them […]

A Big Picture From A Little Person

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By Rylie DeGarmo, Meteor Solutions Intern; recent graduate of Seattle Academy and soon-to-be college student at Lewis & Clark College. As a recent high school graduate scrambling for work experience in a competitive, fast-paced world spotlighting technology, I deeply appreciate the experience I’ve had at Meteor Solutions. I took a software development class in high […]

The Interest Graph According to Meteor Solutions

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Meteor’s CEO Ben Straley was featured in a byline article in DigiDay last week about the importance of focusing on the interest graph rather than the social graph. You can read the whole article here. The social graph (as embodied by Facebook) represents the people an individual has a personal relationship with. It’s based on […]

Why All the Fuss About Google+?

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It’s been an interesting few days watching the roller coaster ride of comments and opinions about Google+ from the many people who were in on the early action before Google shut down the invitation process. There have been numerous articles describing the features of Google+ from a user’s perspective and so no sense in re-inventing […]

Focus on the content stream, not the Facebook page

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Reading an article in Inside Facebook yesterday (read it here) reminded me that most people still don’t really know the basics of how to succeed in social media. Companies are still placing a wasted amount of effort and money on their Facebook Pages when what they should really be focused on is getting the content […]